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Flashes for Heliports

It is recommended that a helistation light be installed when long-range visual guidance is deemed necessary and is not provided by other visual means, or when it is difficult to identify the helistation due to surrounding lights.

The Helistation Device FLASHELEK meets the requirements of theICAO (Chapter 14) and FAA.

Our products

Device JX4300

The JX 4300 helistation light is designed to indicate to pilots the presence of a helistation base, especially when the light environment is heavily polluted. Typical applications are Helipads for hospitals, firefighters, gendarmerie, etc.


Flashing light head

The FLASHELEK xenon lamp is specially developed to cover a 360° azimuth
as well as the elevation corresponding to ICAO requirements.

Device JX4360

The JX 2360 is remotely controlled either by simple dry contacts or by an RS485 (J-Bus) bus. A JX5600 Monitor Controller has been developed to manage the JX2360 Flashs from the tower and service operators via a UDP connection to the site’s controllers as well as an intranet server.

Technical information

Energy by flash 

4 x 40 J

Maximum intensity in white 

20 000 cd

Flash period 


Optional gloss selection 

100% (day), 20% (night)

Brightness switching

Dry contact

Alarm forwarding 

A relay close when the alarm occurs.

Operating voltage 

230 V AC 50/60 Hz +/- 10% (110V AC 60 Hz on request)

Energy consumption 

less than 200 W

Power factor

better than 0.95

Ambient operating temperature

-25 °C to + 55 °C ( drying resistance optional can be installed when the relative humidity is particularly high or the outside temperature is particularly low).
IP 66 protection rating

Exterior dimensions

400 mm x 300 mm x 160 mm

Weight of the control cabinet

11 kg

Weight of the fire head

7 kg

Additional information

The device comes with a 5 m long fire cable, a 5 m long remote control cable and a 2 m long power cable.

One photocell optional can be connected to switch the brightness automatically.

Electronic cards JX4300

Auxiliary Panel 401301, 301301 ou 300403

Clock Panel 401164, 301164

Power Panel 401201, 301201 ou 300408

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