Airport flashes      


Our flash systems allow the design of Sequence Flashing Light System (SFLS) of category I, II and III, with and without Runway End Identifier Ligths (REILS), Omni-Directional Approach Lighting System (ODALS) and Heliport approach systems.

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of these arrangements

The FLASHELEK flash light systems comply with FAA and ICAO Annex 14 recommendations and are approved by French STNA.


Power supply JX 2300




Power supply JX 2360

Xenon flash lamp 2000V PAR56 FT34 HP type
(non contractual picture)

These two families use the same xenon flash lamp, with PAR56 format, sold by a lot of different distributors.
It is not a "special lamp" only sold by its brand name.

They mainly differ on the remote technology:

  • JX 2300 is remote monitored via DC voltage and controled via pulses on a DC current loop.
  • JX 2360 is remote monitored either via simple switches or relays, either via RS485 digital lan (J-Bus).
    The JX 5600 is developped to interface JX 2360 with maintenance operators, automatism systems and Intranet lan.

Control and monitor system JX 5600